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> Weather

Mainland Portugal occupies the most westerly position in Europe and its weather and climate are much influenced by the Atlantic. Its southerly latitude gives it a Mediterranean type of climate, similar to that of the state of California, but one where the summer heat is tempered by the Atlantic influence.

On the coast the winters are particularly mild. The north and the central interior of Portugal include mountains and plateaux rising in places over 1,800 m/6,000 ft; here the summers are much cooler and winters may be quite cold (see the table for Bragança, situated at medium height in the extreme north).

Winter is the wet season everywhere in Portugal, but autumn rain can sometimes be heavy in the north as the fine weather of summer breaks. The length and severity of the summer drought increases from north to south. This can be seen by comparing the monthly rainfall and number of wet days at Porto, Lisbon, and Faro in the climatic tables.

Summer sunshine and temperature and winter mildness also increase southwards. The south-facing coast of the Algarve region is the sunniest, driest, and warmest part of the country, but the summer heat rarely reaches the unpleasant levels sometimes found in southeastern Spain.

Another favourable aspect of this region for tourists is the higher sea temperatures as compared with those on the west-facing coasts farther north, where seas are most likely to be rough.

Most parts of Portugal are sunny. Daily hours of sunshine average from four to five in winter and ten to eleven in summer in the north. These figures rise to six in winter and twelve in summer in the far south.

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